Sunday, January 15, 2017

Victoria's Secret vs HB Groove

HB Groove
After this 8:00pm game we had to drive down to S.D. to visit relatives and return to Honolulu in the morning.
Black Jersey Hot Pink #5

Platinum Gold

Gold Medal
That's a great birthday present, a gold medal in the Platinum division!
Gold Medal

Hockey Champion

Trophy Pic
Narch Winternationals

Huntington Beach Pier

Father and Son
 Got to visit Huntington Beach Pier and see the sights of southern California.


Los Angeles
Famous Hawaiian Surfer

Hardest Game

3 to 2 win
The semifinals game was the hardest. We won 3 to 2. That game could've gone either way!

Hockey House Army

16u Bantam Platinum
Lance and friend Darion (Las Vegas) made it into Hockey House Army (Team A). They won the gold medals and trophy in 16u Bantam Platinum.

Tough Game

Lance at Narch

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hat Trick Game

Lance in 18u
Lance scored 3 goals in this 18u game at Irvine on Victoria's Secret team.
Victoria's Secret

Watching Jon Play

Lance watches Jon Chun at Narch, the Rinks at Irvine.

Pink Jerseys

Victoria's Secret
Thanks to VICTORIA'S SECRET (and Gary Durrans) from Silicon Valley Quakes (SJ) for letting Lance play 18u Midget Division!
Huntington Beach
Victoria's Secret

Friday, January 13, 2017

Lance's Goal, Darion's Assist

Darion's Assist
Thanks to Darion's nice pass Lance scores a goal.

*Excuse the photo quality. The plexiglass in Rink 1 is full of scuffs & scratches.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cool Jersey

Hockey House Army
Lance was thrilled checking out his HOCKEY HOUSE ARMY jersey. The Adult Large pants were really big!

Nice Jersey
Hockey Star

Team Practice

Hockey House Army
Three Hockey House Army teams practiced together at Irvine before the NARCh Tournament. That's when Lance and Darion's teamwork moved them up to the Platinum team.

Irvine California