Sunday, October 18, 2015

With Kaku Sato

Can't go home from Smile & Dream without a nice picture with Kaku Sato!

Smile & Dream

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Coed Hockey

Lance's high school friend Anthony told him to take some photos with pretty girls to prove he went to Japan. I think he was too shy to ask for a photo.


 Good to see Nene again this year!

Defense Knock-Down

Dad and Uncle

 Got to get some pics with Dad and Uncle Hideo.

Team Photo

Very big team this year, almost four lines!

Smile & Dream Hockey Action

Great fun playing hockey at Smile & Dream. Lance was still not the tallest, but much taller than last year.

We are always amazed each year at the skill level of the players at Smile & Dream.


Good to see our friends Sara and Jion (and Takuji & Yasuko).

Shin Yokohama

Skills Competition

Skills Competition
Lance was thrilled to take first place in the fastest backwards skater competition, and 3rd place for fastest slap shop.
3rd Place

Red Helmet

Lance is the only one on his team with a red helmet.

Uncle Hideo

 Good to see Uncle Hideo again at Shin Yokohama station.

Big Gloves

Lance gets to try on some big gloves at the pro shop, Shin Yokohama Skate Center.