Sunday, December 25, 2022


FPHL pro hockey
Lance Hamilton's official stats in FPHL pro hockey stand at 3 assists and 1 goal in 10 games. If we remove one game Lance did not play in (11/25) and add the assist the Refs missed on 11/5, his more correct stats come out to .6 points per game average, with 4 assists and 1 goal in 9 games.


Saturday, December 10, 2022

Favorite Pics


Lance Hamilton
Lance Hamilton has 1 Goal and 3 Assists in 10 games. (Should be 9 games, but the last team roster had an error. One more assist we have on video went uncounted as well.)

Elmira Foodbank
Enjoy some of our favorite pics from Elmira Mammoth.

FPHL Pro Hockey

Lance is awaiting a team roster opening at the moment as roster spots are limited in the FPHL.
Elmira Mammoth